I consider it the greatest honor as a photographer to be able to capture a little one’s birth story. In the months leading up to a birth, I often get to know the family quite well and there is a connection that leaves us feeling like family after their birth. And then sometimes you get the unique opportunity to walk through nearly every moment of someone’s pregnancy with them, and to then be able to document them bringing their son into the world….there is no greater honor as a birth photographer and friend.

Dawn is a very close friend of mine and fellow photographer, we share a studio together, and over the last year we have walked through life together as we both found out we were pregnant AND both having boys! We have had too many TMI conversations, ate way too many herfy burgers and fries, and had many conversations about what our little guys would look like. In the days leading up to Max’s arrival, the emotions were high – would Dawn have to be induced? Would Max come on his own? Would I be able to keep it together to get one clear image?

The induction was scheduled and despite thinking he was going to come weeks earlier, Max decided to follow in the footsteps of his big brother and sister and come eleven days late. Dawn had done everything in her power to avoid an induction and once her water broke she didn’t need any further intervention. This was a big win for her! Less than 12 hours after arriving at St. Joseph’s Medical Center Labor and Delivery, Dawn and Tim welcomed their perfect little boy into their arms weighing 8lbs 13 oz and 20in long.

I’ll never forget that moment. The moment the nurses put Max on Dawn’s chest and she looked down at him and then up at me and said, “he’s cute, he’s really cute.” And just behind her stood the proudest Daddy, best big sister and her best friend, and his two Aunts. Max was brought into this world surrounded by so much love and it was a night I’ll cherish forever.

Dawn and Tim, thank you. Thank you for letting me part of your lives, part of Max’s birth, and forever a part of your family (ha!). Congratulations, I love you guys!

Max, this is your birth story!

Tacoma-Birth-Photographer-76.jpg Tacoma-Birth-Photographer-77.jpgfirst-cry-after-being-bornbaby-first-breath-new-life

  1. Casey says:

    Laura Ryan Photos I love that you consider it the greatest honor as a photographer to be able to capture a little one’s birth story. This Tacoma birth story of Max is so sweet and full of connection and authentic moments of joy! I love that in the months leading up to a birth, you get to know your families quite well and that in return turns into a connection that leaves you feeling like family after their birth.

  2. Megan says:

    So sweet!! <3 You have such talent and the most amazing way of telling birth stories. You rock!

  3. Andrea Brittingham says:

    Laura, how awesome that you were there for Dawn and shared this amazing moment with her. I feel like when I get pregnant I’m going to be all about the hamburgers too and now I know who to invite to the burger shop! lol! Beautiful birth photos and I love the black and white vibe. Welcome little Max!

  4. Monica says:

    This Tacoma birth story is beautiful. Amazing that you all have a wonderful history and that you can share in each others job. Max is quite handsome and he is very much loved. The images you captured with live on forever, congratulations on stopping time! There is some raw and true energy. Amazing.

  5. Christine D says:

    What beautiful images of a beautiful birth! It really is an honor to be allowed into such a private moment. This Tacoma family will always have these photographs to remember the day their little boy came to them!

  6. The light and emotion in these images is just lovely! This Tacoma birth story is such a sweet memory for this family that they will always treasure!

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