Moving to Charleston

I still cannot believe our time in Washington in coming to an end and very soon we will call Charleston, SC home. And when you are a military family, that word home takes on a new meaning. The truth is, it can be easy to just get by and anticipate the next move, never truly settling in any one place. But we settled in WA and it truly did become our home. Leaving is going to be bittersweet, but we are also very excited for our move to Charleston!

So what’s next for Laura Ryan Photography? Well, we have to move first! We will be moving in early November and I’ll start taking on sessions in January. I am so excited to serve the Mama’s and families of Charleston, Mount Pleasant, West Ashley, Summerville, Daniel Island, and surrounding areas.

I have to be honest, as I prepare to transition my business over to all things Charleston, I am a bit terrified. I started and built my business here in Washington to something I am really proud of and the thought of starting over is hard. But as terrifying as it can be to start over, it’s equally exciting. I’ve already started meeting fellow photographers and other creatives in the area and I’m really excited to build upon those friendships.

A few FAQ’s about our move to Charleston:

Will I have a studio in Charleston?

Yes. At least that is the plan. We are building our house just outside of Charleston and chose it with the intent of having an in-home studio! I will start booking sessions for the studio January 1.

What type of sessions will I be offering in Charleston?

Maternity, motherhood, newborn, fresh48, and family. These sessions can take place in your home, my home studio, or an outdoor location. I am taking a break from births at this time.

Will I still only do indoor or will I do outdoor sessions too?

Honestly, I don’t know? 95% of my work right now is all indoors because I truly love relaxed, lifestyle sessions. But I also have a feeling the local beaches, plantations, and downtown Charleston may pull me outside from time to time!

When will I start taking on sessions in Charleston?

Officially January 1 but I will consider sessions prior to that depending on the type of session and the date.

Will pricing change?

Prices are updated on my website and I always encourage you to contact me for a custom package!

Will I travel to NC or VA for sessions? 

Is that even a question? Absolutely! They will be limited and I’ll try to schedule several at a time, but I’ll be within driving distance to family so we will be visiting often!

I cannot end this blog without thanking the community of photographers here in Tacoma. Some of you have truly become my dearest friends. You have supported me from the beginning, given me tough love when I needed it and celebrated in my victories. You all gave me the honor of leading out local Rising Tide Society Tuesday’s Together group for nearly two years and truly embrace the community over competition movement. I’ll forever be thankful for the workdays, couch hangs, frantic phone calls and most importantly the memories made outside of photography. Continue to make waves and bring others a long in this journey that is creative entrepreneurship!

Photo Credit: Tiffany Burke Photography 


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